Ellis Island Dolls available now

We have a special collection of dolls that would make great Chanukah gifts, so we are showing and selling them now.

These are Ellis Island Dolls. Each of the doll’s head, arms, hands, legs a feet are made of porcelain with a cloth covered stuffed body. Around their necks are a gold plated Star of David.
The dolls are 20″ tall and come with a stand.

Like new, in their boxes.
Cost: $36 each; two for $64; three for $90; four for $100.

We have 12 of these dolls available for sale, each one different.
The features, costumes and background stories of the Ellis Island Collection of Porcelain Dolls are inspired by the collected memories of the descendants of Eastern European Jews who immigrated to America through Ellis Island in the late 1800s.

Eva Rebecca
eva rebecca
Eva came to America from Roznova a small medieval town in Slovakia, near the Hungarian border Her Father was a watchmaker who immigrated to New York in 1895, hoping to do well in the jewelry trade. From my pretty Babushka to the tips of my toes. I shivered in Russia, and frequently froze. So we caught a slow boat, left our friends a short note, And arrived wearing all our best clothes.
Devorah Rachel
devorah rache3
The girls say my clothes are the cutest
And ask where I bought my new hat
I’m proud to be able to tell them
That my Mama has made them, and that–
I can’t wait till springtime and summer
When flowers and trees are in bloom
For Mama’s at work on my wardrobe
She’s busy right now in our room
Rachel`s family came from a small village on the Baltic Sea. Her father was in the herring trade, transporting dried cod and herring from the Baltic Sea to the villages of Eastern Europe. Over her blue homespun dress, trimmed with handmade lace, beautiful brown-eyed Rachel wears a jumper of black wool shot through with a pale blue yarn. The jumper, reworked for her by her grandmother, once belonged to Rachel`s older cousin, Chaya. Rachel`s old fashioned pink cardigan, too, is a hand me down. Rachel wears a warm, woolen hat, made from the same fabric as her sturdy jumper, over her abundant blonde hair. Two slender braids help keep Rachel`s unruly curls neatly out of her eyes.
Molly Ruth
molly ruth
“Molly” Molly Molly favorite doll. How did you reach this land? Oh a great big boat, 2 weeks afloat, and America feels just grand. One day Ruth’s papa came home and said, “ganucht”–enough–“we are packing up and moving to America.” Ruth and her family traveled over the rough ocean from Europe to America. They waved as they passed the Statue of Liberty and then docked at Ellis Island to begin a new life.
Miriam Hannah
miriam hannah
Goodness! Said Miriam quite shyly. I really must practice some more. When I played on the boat, I missed many a note. But I must not now that I am ashore. Some people cross the ocean with trunks and stylish clothes. They dine on pies and champagne. They are wealthy and it shows. But we`re way down in steerage where the food is really plain. My trunk is small and wicker but I like it all the same.
Judith Sadie
judith sadie
Lovely, dark haired Judith is from Gyr, Hungary, a market town mid way between Budapest and Vienna. Her father ran a dry goods store on the main street. Because of her father`s business, young Judith always had access to the prettiest frocks. Her travel costume includes a fine beige/ blue/ black plaid woolen dress, trimmed with moss green velvet and a bit of lace. Over her dress, she wears a sky blue pullover that perfectly matches the blue in the plaid of her dress. Sweet little rosebud applique`s adorn the neckline of her sweater. For warmth, Judith wears a short velvet jacket made from the same moss green velvet that trims her dress. Brown eyed Sadie began her long journey from a city in Galicia, then a part of the was the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Her travel costume consists of a moss green boiled wool jacket under which she wears a floral-printed dress and a lace-trimmed overdress. A sash made from the same sheer fabric as her overdress accents her waistline. Parted in the middle, Sadie`s hair has been drawn up into two bouncy pony-tails that peek from beneath her bow trimmed hat. The hat has been fashioned from the same moss green fabric as her jacket. A complementary floral fabric forms the bow. More floral print fabric has been used for the dress on Sadie`s little rag doll. The dolls hair is made from light brown yarn. Short, white socks peek over Sadie’s medium brown, faux-suede, high topped shoes. A bit of crinoline provides some pouf to her skirt. Beneath her skirts, Sadie wears a pair of knee-length pantaloons.
In original boxes– either with cover or celophane.
Granny World doll

Pay by check written to Women of TBE; pick up in Ann Arbor.
Contact Bethany Steinberg at bvd123@sbcglobal.net to confirm we still have the doll you want and for delivery coordination.

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