Pre-Order your Hamantashen

We will be celebrating Purim on Wed, March 11, with a megillah reading and Purim Carnival.


We will be picking the hamantashen up from Star Bakery in Detroit and have them ready for you.

Special Pre-ordering is available to be sure you get the variety and quantity you want. We will have Hamantashen available at the Purim Carnival.

Flavors this year are apricot, cherry, chocolate, poppyseed, prune, and raspberry.

All Orders will be packaged with three of the same flavor for $6.00/ $24 for a dozen.

You can increase your order (more of the same variety) in the Shopping Cart that will show up as soon as you place an order. To order different flavors, just select another flavor option and it will show up in the shopping cart.

Flavor :

Otherwise, you can purchase from our extensive “collection” of Hamatashen at the Carnival, March 11
Price: Single– $2.00
Package of 3, same flavor– $6.00
Dozen (4 packages of 3)– $24.00

Or contact Janine at or 734-649-9708

Last date for Preorders is March 10, 2017.
All proceeds support WTBE, TBE Religious School, and scholarships!

Janine is also looking for help to set up for the carnival hamantashen sale.
We are looking for volunteers the day before to help bag everything and at the carnival.
Anyone interested can contact Janine via email or 734-649-9708

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